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Saturday, January 7, 2012

There is a breath for that ...

Thurs. the 5th Men's 10 am class day :
Truly where does the time go?

I have been reflecting back on our packed room class with all the mats, balls, blocks and bodies willingly working on being more aware of body postures, breath and openness.   That was a heart warming picture with a bit of humor provided which is always a blessing.  
While a posture (stretch) is being formed and adjustments in alignments are made, that is an excellent time to slow the breath down which adds another layer of focus and calmness.   Learning to listen to the wisdom of your body is easier to acquire in this mind set.  
Whether you are making the turn to the back nine with a little less energy then you had in the front, or you've seemed to have lost your focus  ... There is a breath for that and that and  much more!

This week, challenge yourself and become your own observer.  Try at least 
2-3 times in a day to STOP, take a slow breath through your nose (to the count of 4) and then even a tad slower, exhale to the count of 6.    To check yourself to see if you are engaging most of your diaphragm,  place your hand on your belly and as you inhale, allow the belly to expand then on the exhale, feel the navel press back towards the spine to empty all the air out.   
Simple and so powerful so show yourself success and I'll see you next time...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tues. yoga dove deep! AWESOME

Jan 3rd, 2012.  WoWee!!!

Eleven mighty souls ventured a bit deeper inside today with breath and alignment focus.   Reminders and re-adjustments were made.  It's a skill to learn how to observe ourselves.  

Standing in mountain (tadasana) is a fantastic practice in alignment, checking from feet to crown (reminders to consider in every posture).  Line the feet hip distance apart with outside edges parallel.   Lift and spread toes laying each one down from pinky to the big toe.  Imagine gripping a ball between the knees to engage muscular energy to hug in.  Lift quads enlivening the rest of the legs.   Lower tailbone while noticing that your low, deep abdominal muscle activates with that move.   A very core muscle to support the pelvic floor and the  bodies balance.  Elongate the spine by lifting out of the waist.  Broaden the collarbone bringing the wing tips of your shoulders towards touching on the back.   Actively reach the fingertips down by your side, elongating the neck from top of the head. Chin should be parallel to floor .... and it begins?

No matter how rough the waves are on the surface, if you dive deep enough, there are no waves,  just stillness!

Thank all you warriors of yoga for coming and giving so much of yourself to your practice.   
See ya next time .... 

A repost reminder to the golfer journey and life too

Hello my Yoga for Golfers group,
I so enjoyed yesterday starting this journey with you of focusing on your golf game.  As I mentioned in class, Yoga can address both parts of golf: the physical and mental.  
Most golfers work a lifetime trying to perfect the physical aspect of the game like endless hours swinging the club, forming the repetitive motion to coordinate the swing to hit the ball squarely along with taking lessons, spending a bunch of money on new gadgets, equipment and reading books on improving the swing.
Rarely do most of us spend time developing the mental skills to improve the game.
Gene Sarazen understood while pointing to his head and saying, "it's all up here"!
Ben Hogan said, "Golf is 20% technique, 80% mental".
I'm not going to argue with them so, let's start working.
How many of you have a verbal cue (in yoga it's called a mantra) that you say when you address the ball?  This whole mind-body connection is supported by sports science studies saying to improve performance, one must effectively use the mind.
The way we think is truly the way we feel and behave!!!!!
So, make sure your mantra is positive.  That will start you working on the #1 secret to mastering the mind game of golf, CONFIDENCE. 
#2 secret is CONCENTRATION.  Conscious Breathing and Balance is an excellent way to practice.  Continue to work on both of these as we did in class.
More to come next week.
Please don't hesitate to call if you have any questions or want some more ideas.
Sorry for the lengthy email.  If you get to this part then just one more reminder; be kind to your soles and pick up those rocks with your toes.
Happy golfing and see you on tues.
carol rubin
317-696-2122   (feel free to check out my blog on the front page of my website)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So sweet ... Windstar Tuesday 4 pm'ers!

So thrilled to have shared such a sweet class yesterday with those who attended.  We came together and found our own comfortable seated position making sure the connection with the sits bones was strong and our knees were below the hips for ease in the lower back and lots more.  

The connections with the feet took a different appearance then previous classes.  Become aware of your posture and find a way to touch your feet daily.  We sat in dandasana  with one ankle crossing above our knee and proceeded to weave our fingers through each toe.  Inhaling our spines tall and belly expanding,  exhaling our belly buttons back towards our spine, emptying out all the air and tension that doesn't serve us well.  A discovery of many other movements connecting our reflex points of our feet revealed some areas that craved more balance ... Ouchy!   SO, play play play daily with your feet ...  Kiss them ( if you can) and love them.  Believe me, they will love you back!  
More to come in 2012 about this!

Would you have ever imagined that sitting on a ball that fit right under your sits bones would ever make you feel so wonderful and grounded?  Rolling around each sits bone, one at a time helps to release the glutes and top of the hamstring insertion points. We continued down the back of the leg, ironing out the big muscles of the hamstring.  More ball work to be continued ...  Awe, feels sooo good!

The wall is a wonderful tool and support to use for many poses.  We used the wall to open up our shoulders and broaden the collarbone.  Stand facing the wall with the right arm perpendicular to the body at shoulder height. Place the palm facing up and pressing the outside pinky finger edge of the hand into the wall.  Slowly  start to rotate the body to the left by walking the feet in that circular direction.  The whole body will rotate except the shoulder.  This is a really intense stretch, an opening in the pectoral muscles and helps promote great posture. 

Lastly, the focused breathing throughout the class really shows a beautiful calming and concentration.  
It's wonderful to feel that life is already fantastic then more wonderful things happen to you ... That's Yoga!
Thank you all and see ya next time ...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A more supple spine for a healthier life.... For sure!

So wonderful to see recent returnees and new faces in class. 
Once again we went back to learning and unlearning our bodies way of holding ourselves  and focusing on our alignment.  A body in good alignment is like a beautiful sunflower reaching high up towards the sun with its roots strongly grounding down in the soil. 

Keeping our spines supple by daily practicing the 6 movements of the spine will aid in the longevity of a healthy life.  Empty coat sleeves has two of the six movements   Begin with your feet hip distance apart.  Start a shoulder movement rotation side to side (R-L) the ams begin to move as a result of it, hence like empty coat sleeves.   With a slight bend  and softness in the knees, continue to pick up speed allowing your floppy arms to slap around your body and your hips to start to rotate  as well.  Progress with inhales and forceful exhales through the mouth with or without a HA!  Lastly start to lift the heel as you twist the opposite direction with your upper body.  Rotation around your spine helps to bring oxygen to all the valuable connections in this part of the body which in turns filters out to every cell that makes up this amazing vehicle we are embodied in.  

Sharing my passion for the moment. 
When we care for ourselves it makes this world such a sweeter place to share. 

May this week be filled with love and kindness!
Here's to a beautiful holiday.    
See ya next time ...

We danced like no one was watching ...

Breathe it all in .... Love it all out!
Take it all in & notice where it lands in your body.
Feel the sensation of the breath meeting your inner body.
Cultivate presences.

Monday nights journey was so peaceful and fulfilling.  Opening up with chakra sounds was an opening in more then one way  Not only did we explore the breath but we also explored the sensations of our bodies and muscles wrapping around balls. Starting at our feet where we grounded ourselves we continued incorporating deep awareness of our bodies all around the root and sacral chakras.  This night was one for stepping out and trying something new.  We danced like no one was watching.  How sweet it is!  Totally blissful.   Our last song was danced to real live drumming by Maurice.   Appreciation to those who shared the journey. 
Hoping a very peaceful and loving holiday season to all!
See ya next time....

Take time to put your legs up the wall ... Today!

Monday's Men!

Awe as the holiday season is progressing, the travels and family visitors have added to a waning class.    For those that were in class and for those others that were not,  please remember to take time out daily for yourself,  your body and to calm your mind.  This can promote a more relaxing holiday time.  Find time to scooch up close to a wall, laying flat on your back with you buttocks as close to the wall as possible and legs going up the wall.   Bring your arms directly out from your shoulders allowing your shoulder blades to lay flat  on the ground and your collarbone to widen out .  Stay here as long as you desire taking slow deep breaths in and out through your nose.  Close your eyes and allow this posture to infuse your body and mind with totally peacefulness. 
Have a beautiful holiday filled with blessings.  
See ya next time ....